Tuesday, January 22, 2008

smackdown continued.......

Well after I tried to force a written apology I threw up my hands and left them to sort it out together. They did a pretty good job and Sophie did write out an honest portrayal of what happened with an apology at the end. Who is at fault here? The crazed maniac or the provoker? Will felt remorse and admitted to his overreaction but how do we prevent this next time he is pushed over the edge because I'm sure it will be soon. They have had their share of fights even when they were small but now we are looking at possible emergency room visits. Really, the slice was borderline but I didn't take him in. Now he'll have a cool scar he can blame on his sister. Are they just figuring out their place in the world? Does punishment really work? I don't have the answers here and I struggle with feeling like I go too easy. I just hope they can be friends later........if they don't kill each other first.

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