Saturday, January 26, 2008

saturday happenings

Woke up this morning knowing that we didn't have much on the schedule for today which is very unusual. Pete went to yoga class and I took the opportunity to clean and purge the art pantry, which hasn't seen a lot of action as of late. I took stock of what was there and threw out a bunch of dried out materials. I am feeling the bug to make something with my hands but I am trying to carve out an actual space first. We took Lucy for a walk since today it is actually pleasant to be outside which hasn't been the case for a solid week of single digit weather. The chickens even ventured out, stepping gingerly on the few non snow covered spots near the coop. Will and Rowan played a bunch of Wii soccer and Sophie is off to the Arts Center for a rehearsal. The kids picked out a couple of Scooby Doo and Looney Tunes videos for later and they each bought themselves a sherbet for 50 cents. Next, Will bought a couple packs of baseball cards and Rowan insisted on buying an overpriced KU football t-shirt with his $ that was burning a hole in his pocket. We had a sweet little family outing in the slush.

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