Monday, January 21, 2008

sibling smackdown

Okay, this was one of the worst parenting moments ever. Will is taking a sports video game ever so seriously and I'm about to ban him from the game for the next millennium when his big sister who is doing the extra chore of sweeping the stairs starts making little jabbing comments to bug him. Lo and behold, it works and he flies into a rage threatening her very life.She defends herself with the formidable weapon she is holding, a sharp metal dustpan and cuts his chin leaving me wondering where I've gone wrong.How can a boy be the sweetest most loving person and then turn into a raving maniac at the mere whisper of a smirky smile from his arch nemesis sister or a video game gone awry? The two who used to play dress up together for hours and hold day long tea parties and sell lemonade and dig in the sand until the sun went down.They fight, and so brutally sometimes that it breaks my heart.Then, to top it all off I lost my cool too and was yelling at both of them for being such beastly little cretins. What's a peace loving Mother to do? be continued

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susan said...

unfortunately this sounds like our house on a daily basis!!!