Thursday, March 13, 2008

Water, precious water.

Saturday morning a city trucked stopped by our house to inform us that our water line had ruptured and they would be shutting it off. Pete called his friend Kenny the plumber who came over to survey the situation. He might be able to get someone here to dig by Monday. Okay, I guess we can make do for two days w/o the luxury of bathing. We purchased some drinking water and filled up buckets from the neighbors hose in order to flush the toilet.We informed the kids "No flushing unless absolutely necessary" you know the rhyme "if it's yellow let it mellow............" Monday came and went and they weren't able to get here until Wednesday....afternoon! Sophie and I finally went to our dear friends Kellie and Greg's to bathe, and I bought some baby wipes for cleaning up hands and faces etc. This means no washing dishes, no laundry, brushing teeth is a lesson in conservation and hauling a 5 gallon bucket over every time you want to flush. By Wednesday we were pretty cranky. Pete kept the 5 gallons filled most of the time and the boys could have cared less abut bathing, they thought it was great not to have to wash regularly. We were almost out of clothes and patience when before dark on Wednesday evening, the water began to flow in our house again! Rejoice! Water, glorious water, may I never take you for granted.

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