Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Bearer of Bad news

Why as a parent do I always have to be the bearer of bad news? "No, you can't have any more cookies, it's time to get off the wii, come inside from your glorious game, turn off the computer, come home from the friend's house, brush your teeth and go to sleep!" When I bring the news I am often greeted by disappointment and sometimes disgust and contempt for the messenger. I am always trying to wreck their fun, "Clean up! Get dressed! No, we can't have any more chips, juice, cereal,cake, ice cream, chocolate........ I want to be the one who brings the good news. "Hey everyone it's time to play naked soccer in the family room! and have root beer floats and play in the mud for 6 hours and not have to clean up before we go in to play more games and eat as much as we want and never bathe or wash the dishes!" Just call me Peter Pan okay?

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Dawn said...

I completely agree! That's one of the tougher parts about being a parent for sure.
Thanks for the felting link you left on my blog- that will be quite helpful.