Tuesday, March 4, 2008

old friends

I got the chance to talk with a very dear friend of mine last night. I have known her since 7th grade and she just had a baby in January. I love how I can talk to her as if we talked last week when it has been ages. I wish I could reach through the airwaves and give her a big hug and hold her little baby for awhile. Having a baby is so beautiful and such a special time but while talking with her I also remembered how vulnerable it makes you feel. It leaves you completely bare and open and raw and tender. The metamorphosis is gradual through pregnancy but as soon as you hold that precious new life, something inside opens up and you burst out of the chrysalis a brand new being, a Mother. It truly is bittersweet loveliness and nothing is the same again, ever.

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susan said...

There really is nothing in the world like becoming a mother for the very first time. I can remember it so vividly.