Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My children have a sense of smell that rivals a narcotics sniffing German shepherd. The other evening when the children were all in bed, I prepared two plates of the leftover chocolate ganache cake for Pete and I to have together. I put the whipped cream and raspberry sauce on the plates in sweet anticipation of our night time child- free treat. I took a tiny taste of the whipped cream from the spoon and put it in the sink. A few minutes later I went up to kiss Rowan goodnight. After the kiss he said "Why do you smell like baking?" I asked what he meant and he replied "You smell like that stuff in the bottle in the cabinet with the olive oil." I replied innocently, "Oh, do you mean vanilla?" "Yes" he said, "that's it, why do you smell like that?" I came up with some lame cover up that he seemed to buy and he drifted off to sleep. I remember when Sophie and Will were small and I would sneak a handful of chocolate chips for a little pick me up and they never failed to catch me as sat down to read a story. "Why do you smell like chocolate?" they demanded. "We want some!" and off they would run in search of my secret stash. It's tough to get anything past those well trained noses.

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