Monday, February 18, 2008

balancing acts

Whew, we had a very crazy- busy weekend. Soccer tournament for Will History Day research for Sophie and a piano recital for all three kids. It can be exhausting but we all really enjoy each activity. Will's team came in 1st in a futsal tourney in Kansas City. He had a blast and did very well but he is wiped out this Monday morning. Sophie and her friend Sophie T. are close to finishing up their project for the regional competition for National History Day. They have spent many hours planning and researching and their exhibit is excellent. It has been a learning experience for everyone involved. Everyone played a piece they have been working on for a Winter piano recital and they all did great. I wonder sometimes if we keep them too busy. I do think it's good for them to work and play hard and they also have plenty of times when they are at home or relaxing with friends. Too much hanging around time turns into a problem as well. I guess it's all about balance and balance is a constantly changing act. Balancing work and play, nutritious food with treats, wild and crazy time with calm and peaceful time. Oh wait, I forgot about some calm and peaceful time! That's right around 10 pm when Rowan finally has had his last snack/drink/potty break/bad dream discussion and the house is silent and little (and big) bodies are still.

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